Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ange Takats at the Festival

Ange Takats recalls her second session at the Sydney Jewish Writers’ Festival which was about travel writing and being a Stranger in a strange land.

"The session started well. I sat in my pretty blouse. I told my stories. The audience laughed. I felt their love. Then the moderator of the panel asked the gentleman author who his literary heroes were in terms of travel writing. The gentleman mentioned a bunch of authors I’d never heard of. The audience nodded and smiled and proclaimed words of acceptance like “Yes, I love that author too!” and “Oh yes, yes, he’s such a good writer!”

The host then turned to me: “And how about you, Ange?” - her answer caused a bit of a stir- http://angetakats.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/banishment-blouses-buddhist-monks.html  

After travelling to Bangkok and writing The Buffalo Funeral: " I learnt to enjoy the feeling of floating above life. Being an outsider allowed me to witness beautiful moments that would have gone unnoticed had I been buried in conversation. I developed the ability to ‘feel’ my way through the world – to figure out what was going on between people without needing to comprehend their language. I learnt more about human beings in my two years of existing on the edge of Thai culture, than I ever learnt within the heart of my own"


Read more about Ange finding a sense of her self and how she 'rubbed the head of a Buddhist monk'

Photo by Elana Bowman

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