Friday, 17 August 2012


Danny Katz made us laugh at loud when he answered our 3 Chutzpah Questions:


1. How does your writing reflect your Jewish identity?

I don't think it does. I try not to make my writing too Jewishy, I just want to be a regular writer, but then I thought, does it? Hmmm, it kind of does but it also doesn't, and the more I write this answer I¹m realising that, maybe it does. Do you think it does? Look, if it does, it does, if it doesn't it doesn't, does that answer your question?

2. Has there been a seminal event in your Jewish life that has shaped the
person you are today?

First day of Sunday school. Eight years old. Bible quiz. I didn't know a thing about anything but every other kid knew about everything.  I said one of the ten plagues of Egypt was sheep. They laughed at me, THEY LAUGHED. It was traumatic and from then on, I pretended I was violently sick every Sunday morning so I didn't have to go. I am still uncomfortable around eight year old Jewish kids, they are very intimidating.  I am also still violently sick on Sunday mornings.

3. Ma nishtanah? (aka why is your book different from any other book?)

My book is different from any other book because it is for teenagers and it's
about high school life and it is called SCUM. I don't think there are any other books for teenagers about high school life called SCUM, not written by me anyway. 
Also, this book is so funny and honest and entertaining, it
will make the most reluctant teenage reader suddenly want to start reading, and then they will not be able to stop reading, and they will forget about Facebook and texting and just spend all their spare moments reading for the
rest of their lives. 
This is my money-back guarantee.

Danny Katz's book for teens is available on the Booktopia website and he'll be at the festival discussing books for kids and how to encourage a lifetime of reading along with Anna Feinberg and Suzy Zail at What are your kids Reading? -

He will also be discussing Jewish humour and the art of telling jokes at Have you heard the One About? ... -

Danny Katz is a Canadian-born, Jewish Australian columnist and author who writes for The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald. His columnn is also syndicated in The West Australian. He is the Modern Guru in the Good Weekend magazine.

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